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1 UG 5th Semester All Honours and B.Sc/B.Com General Review Notice,202301/06/202331/12/2023
2 U.G 5th Semester B.A General Marksheet Review Notice,202301/06/202331/12/2023
3 UG 2nd Semester Examination Fees Notice,202331/05/202331/12/2023
4 Urgent 5th Semester B.A general Revised Distribution Notice,202331/05/202331/12/2023
5 General Notice, 202329/05/202331/12/2023
6 Revised SC, ST, OBC Paymant not credited to Bank Account Candidate List, 202329/05/202331/12/2023
7 SC, ST, OBC Paymant not credited to Bank Account Candidate List, 202327/05/202331/12/2023
8 U.G 5th semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,202223/05/202331/12/2023
9 U.G 6th Semester Form Fillup & Admit Card Download Notice,202320/05/202331/12/2023
10 Last & Final 1st Semester ID Card Distribution Notice,202220/05/202331/12/2023
11 Online Admission Notice 4th Semester 2023 Reopen 11/05/202331/12/2023
12 Online Admission Notice 6th Semester 2023 Reopen 11/05/202331/12/2023
13 List of Candidates required to submit the aadhar card in urgent basis 26/04/202331/12/2023
14 U.G 4th Semester Admission & Examination Fees Notice, 202326/04/202331/12/2023
15 UG 6th Semester Admission & Examination Fees Notice ,202317/04/202331/12/2023
16 Kanyashree Notice13/04/202331/12/2023
17 Creation ABC ID Notice,202304/04/202331/12/2023
18 K1 Renewal & K2 Form Fillup Notice, 202204/04/202331/12/2023
19 U.G 1st Semester Centre Distribution Notice,202203/04/202331/12/2023
20 U.G 1st Semester Registration (22-23) 2nd time Distribution Notice01/04/202331/12/2023
21 Revised International Women's Day Celebration Notice,202316/03/202330/12/2023
22 All Semester SC/ST/OBC Notice, 202316/03/202331/12/2023
23 Kanyashree Notice ,202316/03/202331/12/2023
24 U.G 1st Semester Examination Formfillup & Admit Card Notice,202210/03/202331/12/2023
25 International Women's Day Celebration,202309/03/202331/12/2023
26 U.G 1st Semester Examination Fees 2022 2nd time Reopen04/03/202331/12/2023
27 U.G 1st Semester Registration Card Distribution Notice,202204/03/202331/12/2023
28 All SC/ST/OBC Not submitted Candidate list,202228/02/202331/12/2023
29 U.G 3rd Semester 2nd time Admit Card distribution Notice,202223/02/202331/12/2023
30 All Semester SVMCM Fresh Renewal,202220/02/202331/12/2023
31 U.G 3rd Semester 2nd Time Formfillup Admit Card Distribution Notice,202216/02/202331/12/2023
32 Revised UG 3rd Semester B.A , B.Sc , B.Com General Admit Card Distribution Notice,202213/02/202331/12/2023
33 UG 3rd Semester B.A , B.Sc , B.Com General Admit Card Distribution Notice,202211/02/202331/12/2023
34 Revised U.G 3rd Semester Honours Admit Card Distribution Notice,202210/02/202331/12/2023
35 All Semester Minoritie Notice ,202210/02/202331/12/2023
36 All Semester SVMCM Fresh & Renewal,202210/02/202301/01/2024
37 U.G 3rd Semester Honours Admit Card Distribution Notice,202209/02/202331/12/2023
38 UG 5th sem SVMCM Renewal Notice,202209/02/202331/12/2023
39 M.A 1st Semester K3 Notice,202209/02/202331/12/2023
40 UG 1st Semester Registration Number list,202208/02/202331/12/2023
41 U.G. 3rd semester Center Distribution,202208/02/202331/12/2023
42 U.G. 3rd semester Center Distribution,202208/02/202331/12/2023
43 UG 1st semester Registration Numer Notice, 2022-2307/02/202331/12/2023
44 UG 1st Semester Kanyashree (k2) Notice,202206/02/202331/12/2023
45 Last & Final time UG 1st Semester ID card Distribtion,2022 Notice03/02/202331/12/2023
46 Notice for 3rd Semester SVMCM(V4.0) Renewal,202301/02/202331/12/2023
47 UG 3rd sem examination form fillup reopen, 202201/02/202331/12/2023
48 Inter College District Sports & Games Championship Trail Notice ,202326/01/202331/12/2023
49 U.G 1st Semester B.Sc Geography Honours Urgent Notice,202224/01/202330/12/2024
50 U.G All Semester SC/ST/OBC scholarship Notice,202324/01/202331/12/2023
51 Inter College District Sports & Games Championship14/01/202331/01/2024
52 U.G 1st Semester Examination Fees Notice,202214/01/202331/12/2023
53 U.G 3rd Semester Examination Form Fillup Notice,202213/01/202331/12/2023
54 ALL SEMESTER AIKYASHREE NOTICE.pdf (54KB) [Remove] 11/01/202331/12/2023
55 U.G All Semester SC/ST/OBC scholarship Notice,202303/01/202331/12/2024
56 Revised U.G 1st Semester ID card distribution Notice,202202/01/202331/12/2024
57 Student Week Celebration,202301/01/202331/12/2024
58 Registration Portal 2022-2023 for 1st sem Reopen26/12/202231/12/2023
59 U.G 5th Semester Admit Card Distribution (Not Collect candidate)24/12/202231/12/2023
60 U.G 1st Semester ID card distribution Notice,202223/12/202231/12/2023
61 U.G 5th Sem, 2nd Time Form Fillup Admit Card Distribution Notice,202223/12/202231/12/2023
62 U.G 5th Semester Admit Card Distribution Notice,202220/12/202231/12/2023
63 U.G 1st Semester Registrtion Urgent Notice,202213/12/202231/12/2023
64 2022-23 University ID List.08/12/202231/12/2023
65 2022-23 Session Registration List Correction Notice,202208/12/202231/12/2023
66 Oneday workshop on Vermicompost Preparation by Botany Department 04/12/202231/12/2023
67 Morning Section Assingement sumission Date & Room No Notice02/12/202231/12/2023
68 U.G 1st Semester (2022-23) ID Card Distribution Notice,202201/12/202231/12/2023
69 U.G 5th,3rd,1st Semester Day Section General Assisgnment Submission,202201/12/202231/12/2023
70 1st,3rd,5th Semester B.A General (Morning Section)Internal Examination,2022.30/11/202231/12/2023
71 1st,3rd,5th Semester Honours (Day Section) Internal Examination,2022.30/11/202231/12/2023
72 U.G 1st Semester & 3rd Semester Student Card Distribution Notice,202226/11/202231/12/2023
73 Anudip Foundation Career Councelling,202224/11/202231/12/2023
74 Revised 1st & 3rd Semester Scholarship Notice,202224/11/202231/12/2023
75 Important Notice regarding Scholarship 24/11/202231/12/2023
76 U.G 3rd Sem Physical Education Dress Distribution notice,202222/11/202231/12/2023
77 U.G 5th Semester Examination Form Fillup,202222/11/202231/12/2023
78 U.G 3rd Semester SC/ST/OBC form submission Notice,2022222/11/202231/12/2023
79 1st & 3rd Semester Scholarship Notice,202221/11/202231/12/2023
80 M.A in Bengali 1st Semester Document Verification,202218/11/202231/12/2023
81 Kalyani University Sports Selection Notice,202216/11/202231/12/2023
82 Online Admission Notice 3rd Semester 2022 Reopen14/11/202231/12/2023
83 Rice Talent Scholarship Test,202210/11/202231/12/2023
84 PG Regular M.A in Bengali Class Notice,202210/11/202231/12/2023
85 Revised Notice 2nd sem Marksheet distribution,202209/11/202231/12/2023
86 U.G 2nd Semester Marksheet distribution Notice ,202207/11/202224/12/2023
87 Indian Air force Career Opportunity Presentation05/11/202231/12/2023
88 Online Admission Notice 5th Semester 2022 Reopening,202204/11/202231/12/2023
89 U.G 5th semester SC/ST/OBC Scholarship,202203/11/202231/12/2023
90 U.G 4th Semester INC Student Marksheet Distribution Notice,202215/10/202231/12/2023
91 Student Credit Card scheme,202214/10/202231/12/2023
92 Student Credit Card scheme,202214/10/202231/12/2023
93 Session 2022-23 DODL PG Admission Notice ,202208/10/202231/12/2023
94 Online Admission Procedures for PG 202221/09/202231/12/2023
95 Admission Notice for PG-121/09/202231/12/2023
96 U.G 3rd Semester Online Admission & Student Card Distribution Notice 202216/09/202231/12/2023
97 REVISED Session 2022-23 U.G 1st & 3rd Semester Class Start Notice16/09/202231/12/2023
98 U.G 4th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,202210/09/202231/12/2023
99 Minoritie Form Fillup (Session 2021-22)01/09/202231/12/2023
100 U.G 5th Semester Admission & Student Card Distribution Notice 202231/08/202231/12/2023
101 Session 2022-23 New Admitted Candidated Payment Slip Download Noice, 202229/08/202231/12/2023
102 2018-19 Special Candidate 2nd Semester Admit Card Distribution Notice,202218/08/202231/12/2023
103 U.G 2nd Semester Examination General guideline,202215/08/202231/12/2023
104 U.G 2nd sem Examination Form Fillup & Admit Download Notice,202206/08/202231/12/2023
105 U.G 6th Semester SNC Clear Marksheet Distribution Notice06/08/202231/12/2023
106 Notice Regarding Youth Parliament Competition,202204/08/202231/12/2023
107 U.G 4th sem examination fees due candidate list,202229/07/202231/12/2023
108 Old UG Part III Marksheet Distribution,202229/07/202231/12/2023
109 Graduation College Leaving Distribution,202226/07/202231/12/2023
110 U.G 4th semester general practical schedule,202226/07/202231/12/2023
111 U.G 6th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice,202219/07/202231/12/2023
112 ENVS Project Submit Notice,202207/07/202231/12/2023
113 Revised 6th SEMESTER PRACTICAL SCHEDULE 202229/06/202224/12/2023
114 Revised Schedule for Practical29/06/202231/12/2023
115 U.G 4th Semester Form Fillup & Admit Card Download Notice,202229/06/202231/12/2023
116 U.G 6th Semester offline Practical Examination Schedule,202224/06/202231/12/2023
117 U.G 6th semester fees due candidate list,202221/06/202231/12/2023
118 Old Part III Not collect Admit Card candidate Notice,202220/06/202231/12/2023
119 General Guideline of Part-III Examination 202213/06/202231/12/2023
120 Old Part III Admit Card Notice,202210/06/202231/12/2023
121 General Guideline of 6th Semester Examination 202209/06/202231/12/2023
122 Old Part III Examination Candidate List,202204/06/202231/12/2023
123 Special 6th Semester Examination,2022 notice for 2018-19.2019-20 Students03/06/202231/12/2023
124 Circular regarding Previous year marksheet & 2021-22 session Registration Card02/06/202231/12/2023
125 Old Part I & II Marksheet Distribution,202231/05/202231/12/2023