Ranaghat College
Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal - 741201
Rules & Regulations
  1. Students should bring with them their Students Identity Card to get into the college.
  2. Duplicate Identity Card is issued on production of a copy of general diary at the police station and paying a fee for it.
  3. Visitors are required to record their entry at the gate for any official purposes and may meet the Teacher-in-Charge on prior permission.
  4. Abuses with the college in any form may invite disciplinary action that may go to the extent of expulsion from the college.
  5. Misbehaviour with the girls student is a punishable offence and disciplinary action is obvious.
  6. Students have to ensure 75 % classes. If attendance falls below 75% a non-collegiate fee of Rs.250/- is required to be deposited to sit for the Univ. examination. Attendance less than 60% means dis-collegiate.
  7. Tuition fees is to be given within the 3rd week of every month failing which a fine may be imposed.
  8. Library card for lending books are issued from the Library on payment of requisite fees at the Cash Section.
  9. A Fine of Re.1/- per book per day is imposed for late return of books after three weeks.
  10. Student may avail the opportunity of Book Bank by taking membership.
  11. At the time of Admission a student has to pay all the yearly fees (univ. + college) along with three (3) months tuition fees. Geography honours student has to pay course fee plus all the yearly fees. Examination fees are extra..
  12. Computer Receipt of any payment is required for any claim.
  13. Students may opt for NSS/NCC or for both.
  14. Opportunity is there to avail stipend for bona fide SC/ST/OBC students.
  15. Students are required to keep their mobile phone in silent mode while in the class.
  16. Loitering in front of classes is forbidden.
  17. Students here to replace book/books in case of loss/mutilation/tearing.
  18. Misbehavior with Teachers/Employees/Fellow student may invite disciplinary action.
  19. Student should follow class Routine for their class. Alteration of the scheduled classes is beyond the capacity of anyone other than the Teacher-in-Charge.
  20. Students are required to follow Notice circulated time to time at the college.
  21. Assessment Tests are mandatory for all the students.
  22. Students may avail Railway concession. Enquiry in this regard is to be made at the office.
  23. Visit us on www.ranaghatcollege.org
  24. UGC Committee
Student are required to attend 75% of the class held. A student is declared non-collegiate of his/her attendance falls below 75% and in that case he/she has to pay Rs.250/-to sit for the Univ. Exam. If attendance falls below 60% he / she are debarred to sit for the Univ. Exam.
University Examinations
Students of both Honours and General courses have to take three public examinations (Part I, II and III) conducted by the University of Kalyani. These examinations are held at the end of first, second and third academic session, respectively.
College Examination
The College conducts test examination as per University direction. Students are allowed to take the University examination. Only after passing this test examination. Besides, every department conducts class tests on a regular basis.